Ramboda Waterfalls, Sri Lanka

There are so many pictures that I can think of for this week’s photo challenge- Liquid, but the most striking one out of all is Ramboda Waterfalls in the Nuwara Eliya district of Sri Lanka. This waterfall is ~350 feet high and situated in Ramboda village which is 28kms from Nuwara Eliya town.

My husband and I went there in the month of January and it rained for around 3-4 hrs on the day we reached Nuwara Eliya. We were very lucky to witness Nuwara Eliya in this weather because it was breathtakingly beautiful. The ride from Nuwara Eliya to Ramboda takes you through many tea plantations and occasional waterfalls and it’s impossible to take eyes off the mesmerizing nature around you.

After reaching Ramboda, there are two routes to view this waterfall, a relatively easy one and a difficult one. The most common and easy route is through a restaurant called Ramboda Falls Hotel. After entering the hotel, you will have to walk down a long stretch of road to reach the view point of waterfall. From here, only a smaller version of the waterfall can be seen. But this route is very convenient for those who cannot take up the tiring trek. We did notice the hotel but we were not aware of this route to waterfalls until we reached back India and heard it from a friend :D. Fortunately, our driver directly took us to the difficult route. A small bridge serves as the entry point to this route and tourists are charged a minimal entry fees. From here we had to climb around 200 steps to reach the viewing platform of the waterfall. The climb was very steep and tiring, especially more difficult for us since we were unaware of this trek and had lunch just minutes before reaching Ramboda 😀 (A very wrong decision which we realised later!!!!!! :D). But we din’t give up and reached the top in about half an hour.

The view from the top is AMAZING!!!!!!!! A gigantic waterfall surrounded by lush green mountains. We reached the top, dropped our bags and sat down in silence just witnessing the scenery around us. It felt like a spot right out of a Mani Ratnam movie, “Ravan” with A R Rahman music in the background 😀


Very close to the top, the path divides; the left turn took us to the viewing platform while the right turn took us to a plateau where the water cascades over large stones.


We took off our shoes and walked through the water to reach the base of waterfalls where there was a pool of water. It was very soothing to dip our feet in the cool water after such a difficult climb.


Though it was a difficult task to reach this waterfall, it was totally worth it!!!

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