Lord of the rings-Part 1

Lord of the rings has been on my list of books to read since a verrrrryyyy long time! One fine day, I ordered my copy of LOR which is a huge book with all the three parts together. This is not a user-friendly book for readers like me who like to lie down on bed and read. 😛 Now I know why I was getting such a good offer on this book on Amazon. 😛

I just finished reading the first part of the book and surprisingly it took me almost 5 months to finish it :O (Marriage has to be blamed for the less time I get for reading 😛 but yay, I finished it!!!! ). At a point I wondered if I will ever finish this book 😀 and I already have the next book (The Hobbit) waiting to be read.

Nevertheless, I am so happy that I have completed the first part and I loved the book. I was just amazed by the poetic writing of J.R.R. Tolkien. His use of words definitely makes this book a great read for all fiction lovers.

There are too many characters in the book and I lost track of most of the names, but I am sure they are not that important to be remembered. For some odd reason, I kept relating this book to Harry Potter series 😛 . I know they are two completely different worlds and it would be a crime even to compare them, but there are so many uncanny resemblances between the two.

1. The great wizard, Dumbledore and Gandalf (The same person plays both the characters in movies as well 😀 )

2. A young boy (Harry & Frodo) set to a difficult task of destroying evil even though he did not wish for it.

3. Many friends losing their lives in pursuit of helping the main character.

However, each book is unique in its own world and I like them both. 😀

After reading the first part of the series, I watched its movie as well and honestly, I liked the book more than the movie. The screenplay at many places (for obvious reasons!) was different and I felt such a wonderful story was narrated in a hurry. I will watch the other parts of the movie after I finish reading their respective books. I have already started reading the second part of this series and please pray for me that I finish it sooner than the first part. 😀

If you have read this book, do let me know your reviews and if you plan on reading this book, then don’t delay further and go grab your copy soon!

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